A Review of the Top Memory Foam Mattresses Today – Part 2


This is the name that is synonymous with memory foam in the eyes of many. It receives top ratings among many consumers and has a wide range of positive mattress reviews associated with it. At the same time there is also a negative review, or so it seems, for each and every single positive mattress review you’ll find. In other words, most people either really love this mattress or they really hate it.

Among those who love the Tempur-Pedic matress the common reasons include: comfort, relief of back pain, and ability to sleep throughout the night without being disturbed by partner. Those are all big benefits to consider. The downside however is pretty substantial. There are many who complain of strong chemical odors and about the mattress being hot. The final straw for many consumers though is the price tag as this is one of the most expensive memory foam brands on the market today.

Part 2 of 5 A Review of the Top Memory Foam Mattresses Today

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