A Review of the Top Memory Foam Mattresses Today – Part 3


This is an up and coming memory foam mattress that can only be found online. Because it isn’t offered in stores, the manufacturer offers a 90-day trial period that allows people to use the matress in their homes and see how they like it. 90 days is a good period for breaking in a mattress and really deciding if it is a better match for your body. Other brands only offer 30-day home trials, if that.

According to mattress reviews about these mattresses there is an 80 percent approval rating among owners. That’s fairly impressive and equal to the approval rating of bigger name products. Unfortunately there has been a mattress review or two that has mentioned problems returning their matress. The other comments noted about this particular product involve longevity as these mattresses simply do not seem to be quite as durable as the Tempur-pedic model.

Part 3 of 5 A Review of the Top Memory Foam Mattresses Today

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